Favorite Facebook Status Updates from June 2012

6/19-ugh, im apparently allergic to lettuce & i just ate a big ol salad, at work :-/ this is awkward.

6/19-sitting here on the porch, with my coffee & my laptop, watching the dogs do doggie things & I'm not sure what they did but a mocking bird is stalking them and has swooped Duke's butt twice. I didn't see him eat any baby birds so I think she's racial profiling. errr, species profiling

6/17-we had some stains on our mattress (kids...need i say more) so today i sprayed it down with hydrogen peroxide & a heavy dusting of baking soda & let it sit while we (& by we I do mean Danny) worked in the yard. When I vacuumed the mattress this afternoon it looks dang near brand spanking new. so...there's a little nifty fyi for y'all. wish i had before & after pics.

6/12-Keiser got wounded today and I learned a few things. #1 hydrogen peroxide gets blood out of carpet. #2 after cleaning the wound, I applied neosporin and a cotton wrap and then wrapped the ear close to his head with an ace wrap while it stops bleeding. Dogs hate head wraps. Poor Keiser. It was a horrible hello to coming home this evening:-/

6/8-is wearing my swim suit cover up today. Is not wearing my swim suit. Is not going swimming. im such a rebel!

6/5-Is done with bangs, they make my forehead sweaty. Pin It

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