Of Late....

The boys have been at my moms house. Turns out I'm very boring without them and very lonely. I understand now why some moms continue having kids until their body says "no more". I'm 31 and I have a 9 and 11 yr old. By the time I'm 40 they'll be adults and have their own lives.
But for now, turns out they miss me. The stay was planned for a month at my moms house while we moved and since I'm working part time this summer. Which is entirely too long and had me doubting my parenting abilities, and if I was ruining my family by leaving my children for an entire month. Well, my oldest called last night, he's coming home, the sooner the better and I said "ok" and he passed the phone to my mom and went and packed his bag up. And my heart is happy. My youngest, who I thought would be the first to crack, was frustrated that since his brother is coming home he has to come home also. Little booger!!

In the meantime,  I have checked off every item our loan process manager has tasked me with, she has provided new lists with brand spanking new requirements about weekly (grrr) and those have all been completed as well. And I'm thinking, there can't possibly be anything else for us to do so at this point we may be just sitting back and waiting for that July 3rd closing. Everything looks great for an on time closing.

I do not think "for sale by owner" is a reasonable option for pretty much anybody. The house we are buying is FSBO, however their buddies with a realtor who has bee amazing throughout this process. We couldn't have done this without him

A GOOD, no, a GREAT realtor will make your home buying experience. When a great realtor calls those inspectors, those title companies, those banks..etc..those people jump through hoops to accommodate!!  This realtor will also be on task and keep every step moving smoothly so that closing will happen on time. Sometimes things happen, but a great realtor will give you the best chance at that on time closing.

A knowledgeable insurance agency will get your homeowners insurance needs met at the lowest possible cost. Try a local agent that brokers insurance, they can quote you from multiple companies & that means you get the cheapest possible insurance.

Any time you need to have a service done (inspections and such) get a referral from local family, friends, realtors (not necessarily the realtor working your sale) when possible. Pin It

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