I Love God, I'm so unworthy and yet he loves me anyway, as I am, even at my ugliest. That is the kind of love I just can't turn away.
I am a wife. Danny & I met in 2000 on a blind date. I went, reluctantly, as a favor for my roommate. I remember the conversation went a little something like this, "look, if this guy is ugly, or annoying, or ghetto then we're leaving!" haha, conceited much?!?  He was so handsome, so sweet, a true gentlemen, and he liked me and my weird self back. Yay, me!! It had to be fate!! Lordy, I had short spikey hair and when we met I had a pair of those swimming shorts on & a beach hat...not because we were going to the beach or even, just because. I still have horrible style, some things never change. My hair, however, I hope to never have spikey again. I look like a neck with a basketball at the top!!
He was in the Marines, which I knew nothing about. I knew nothing much about military period, except we (America) had military. And when he left we kept in touch. And in 2001 we married & two days later we had our first son, Taylor.
We moved to Cherry Point North Carolina a little over a week after Taylor was born. In 2003 we completed our family with Trent. In 2004 we moved to Okinawa, Japan. Spent 3 wonderful years there, made some life long friends, grew quite a bit as a couple there and I graduated from an online university with my bachelors degree which I only make mention of because if I can do it you can do it! We purchased our first house, over the internet, while still in Okinawa. In 2008 we moved to Pensacola Florida as first time home owners and met more lifelong friends and enjoyed the beautiful beaches!! Marine life ain't so bad all the time ;) in 2010 we moved to San Diego California. Which was very intimidating!! BIG city and small town girl. But there is a lot to love about San Diego. There is always something to do, and if you're patient you can get some great deals on those tickets. As a military family we usually got in free. Yay! The beaches are spectaculor! But C*O*L*D!! I met a few more lifelong friends & made some neat memories. Danny did his tour in Afghanistan.
In 2011 Danny opted to not reenlist and we officially became a civilian family November 2011. It was just time. Taylor was soon to be 11 and Trent soon to be 9. We had the urge to settle, be somewhere, put down roots & stay awhile. And that's what we're doing now.

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