Buying a house: closing drama: will we ever close??

As of the afternoon of July 2nd we were good to go!! All set to close & be homeowners. By 3pm those day before jitters were turned into disappointment and discouragement. We are buying a house in one county and our realtor & title company are in another county. Apparently this is frowned upon. Or, perhaps that county tax office always sucks.
The afternoon of July 2nd our survey finally made its way in and, to everyone's shock, showed only 1acre, not the 2.29 acres. So I went & eyeballed those orange flags, making sure someone wasn't trying to Jim me out of half what we agreed to purchase. Nope, it's all included. Turns out that a lot of people have no clue what an acre looks like, or the difference in size of 1 or 2.29. So it's 1acre. I've always wants more,lots more, more is better. So, even though this is everything I originally saw, I'm a bit disappointed its not the 2.29. But it's not a deal breaker to me, or us.
So now we have to get a new appraisal, tax amendment, submit to my lender & then close. This could take awhile, because, I assure you, no one is willing to rush to help you out, no matter what the situation is. We, however, put in our 30 days notice, and have to be out by the 13th. This house is already rented to a new family.

On a different matter, I was kind of offered a job making great money, like 60-80k a year money. To us, that is amazing money, more than my husband makes kind of money. Now, my husband likes nice things & money, so for this kind of money he's ok with me working some shift work, evenings & weekends. I like nice things too, who doesn't! But I just don't know if I want to work full time and especially full time shift work :-/ just thinking about it I feel guilty for everything I would miss out on with my kids!! I guess I could get more info on the position. Oh, and by kind of offered, it's family that bragged on me to another family who does the hiring for their company and is looking for someone dependable & smart for a dispatcher position. Apparently my current boss says I'm smart ;-) and the other person is now interested in offering me the position. Anyway....I had planned on working at the boys school this coming year as a sub & patiently waiting for an office or other school position to open up & throw my name in for it. It wouldn't get more convenient than that. What to do what to do??
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