At 7:30pm we headed outside to watch the Annular Solar Eclipse. Danny couldn't remember if this was the eclipse that you used a hole in the box to look through, so we tried it. I don't think this was the event for the hole in the box trick, oh well, live and learn. It was about 7:38 when we first saw the moon covering up the bottom right corner of the sun. It looked like it just took a bite out of it down there. Soon after that our sun dropped below the tree/house line and we were unable to see the full eclipse. I bet it was beautiful.
Taylor tried holding leaves up and I think we all made the mistake of looking at the sun with our naked eyes. I for sure did and it took forever to get the spots to go away. HA, again, live & learn!
The beginning of the Annular Solar Eclipse..just before our sun sank behind our tree line.

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