Home school or Public School

My boys have both been in public school and homeschooled. I'm currently homeschooling one while the other attends public school, which I never dreamed I'd do. But their personalities are so different. Trent requires way more socializing and activity than Taylor does. In fact Taylor requires down time. So when we moved back to Texas and I could not locate homeschool groups near me we went public school. When Taylors campus failed us I yanked him out. Now we're in the process of purchasing a house in an excellent school district. I still don't know any homeschool groups. And I'm torn, I do not agree what public school has turned into. I get so frustrated with the uncaring teachers, rude, pushy, mean kids and with home school the boys can take their time doing their lessons, we can customize their lessons to their learning styles & needs. BUT, I don't have the support group, the group of like-minded parents, the field trip buddies, mommas to talk to that can relate and advise. Homeschooling alone is lonely...not just for the kids, for me too! Pin It

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