Finding our Homestead

From the beginning I've said, bigger is better; but I will do my best with any size property we are blessed to own.

Step #1 was getting a pre-approval for a home loan. *check* $80,000
Step #2 now that we know our budget we can get looking. In the areas we've been looking we can find 1-2 acres with an older house. 
Step #3 when a family member told us about some of their people that were selling a house by word of mouth, in our budget, 2 acres, older house we went and looked. We fell in Love. 

Friday we meet to discuss the details. I am praying, praying, praying this is the one! It feels so right. 

My goal will be to learn how to manage our land to get the most out of it and learn how to grow crops. I've never successfully grown more than a few puny little tomatoes or strawberries.   

Ideally, I will spend a season or two, maybe three growing, learning and sharing our harvest with family and friends and thereafter set up a road side stand (this particular property is EXCELLENT location for a road side stand!) and attend local farmers markets. Those are lofty goals, considering our experience. But I believe if we stay positive and learn through the difficulties we can do it. 
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