Happy to Cook & Clean

It's a state of mind. I may be easier to trick than others, I don't know. But all it takes for me to get eager to cook is to watch a few delicious cooking shows or even be around shiny new kitchen gadgetry. All it takes for me to decide cooking is not for me is to go out to dinner a few nights. And having someone else do it all takes all the fun out of doing it myself & I can quickly find myself in a slump. Watch Paula, Rachel, or heck, even browse Pinterest and I'm all fired up ready to serve my family something delicious, healthy & homemade!!
First I brew some coffee....and then I gather my recipes, my ingredients and I talk to myself a lot or listen to the radio. I can't really talk and cook, I forget ingredients, whole steps...it's not good & then I fall back into my slump. So for me, cooking is a mostly solitary act.
I love a clean house but I HATE the smell of cleaning products and feeling all gross, like I wiped up all that grim and plastered it directly all over myself. A glance at a few magazines, such as Better Homes & Gardens, a visit to my neat freak Aunts house, or again, a parusal of Pinterest and I'm all fired up to clean the micro dust completely out of my house!! I gather up a few simple homemade cleaning recipes. Create healthy cleaners, which makes me feel like a scientist in a lab mixing cool chemicals. I pull out the rubber gloves (does a world of help for making me feel less cootie fide) and for this I do enlist my little minions! And I must go one area, one space, one room at a time. Top to bottom. That means floors last :) Then I brew some coffee and enjoy the fresh clean environment that is my shiny house.
For me, who I hang around, what I watch, what I read, every day influences all affect my desire to do better, to do more, to be happy in homemaking. I get super excited when I meet super moms, and they like me back & we can become friends. I'll never be super mom but I feel like a little of their awesomeness rubs off on me & I am better because they are so awesome :)
Be awesome when you can, you never know who will benefit and become awesome too because of you <3 Pin It

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