DIY: Haircuts at Home

Because I am so cheap and going to the cheap hair salons ends up in regret (well, that's been my experience). I cut my own hair. I started cutting my hair about a year and a half ago. The only way I can do this is by keeping a very simple style. I don't have an eye for detail or straight lines. I part my hair down the middle and lay each half over my shoulder. Then I take my scissors and nip off about a bit to the left & the same amount on the right side. When I had layers growing out that needed a trim I grabbed the hair at the crown of my hair, pulled straight up and nipped off a bit there. Brush the hair back, use a mirror to double check an even line. Always works for me. And saves me $20-50, the average price I was paying for a cut. I recently cut bangs. I googled "bangs" pinned a board full of bangs I liked, noticed they were all the same or very similar, printed that page out & pulled the amount of hair I wanted down. Double checking for thickness, evenness at the sides and a nice straight line meeting up at the longer hair. I pulled the hair together towards my nose and snipped it right at lower eye lid lever (remember, the bangs will spring up when let go). Because I held the hair in a bunch at the nose & clipped the bangs gradually get a bit more length at the outside edges, which I feel looks very nice. The bangs bounce up right at eyebrow level for me. I'll be honest, I was so nervous about cutting bangs but I've been very happy with my decision & the outcome of my home clip. Another big money saver, I cover my own grey ;) I just pick a color close to my natural to keep it low maintenance. I like my natural hair color though so this is no sacrifice.

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