I was looking for a fun q&a and came across this..not quite so light hearted but very interesting.
From Wake Up & Flourish
Here we go!
  1. What is that thing that no one, not even your partner, your mother or your best friend, knows about you? I struggle with feeling bad. I feel like I spend more days feeling icky than feeling well.
  2. What would make you feel embarrassed in public? Natural Body functions like farting or having a booger fly out all of a sudden.
  3. What do you think is your biggest flaw? What have you done about it? Being easily excited and getting bored just as easily. I focus on the follow through!! Finish the project!!
  4. What is your biggest strength? How did you develop it? Being nice to others. Because I like people to be nice to me.
  5. What do you have to put up with in your life? How long have you been tolerating it? allergy, sinus issues. Since my junior or senior year in high school.
  6. If you could change your name, what would your new name be? I wouldn't change my name But I would have grown up being called by my first name instead of a nick name
  7. What color dominates your wardrobe? How do you feel when you wear that color? Why? greys, blues, greens. They're comfortable, and safe colors
  8. Which song do you sing only when you’re alone? What memory does it bring back? well, not just when I'm alone but Tim McGraw "It's Your Love" brings back high school & Lake Tejas days. Kenny Chesney "I Go Back" reminds me of some friends who have passed & also of my younger years
  9. Whom do you secretly envy? Why? Sometimes people that waited 'till later to have kids & then I remember I'd probably be dead because I was way out of control wild child & having that first child was a saving grace for me :)
  10. What do you really want? But really… a homestead with chickens, beautiful bountiful gardens & a comfortable front porch
  11. What is the way you often sabotage yourself? with laziness and eating too much
  12. Who would you like to please the most? my husband, my kids, my mom...everyone else they can like it or lump it
  13. What do you think a stranger’s first impression of you would be? my husband says I look mean & I'm shy so probably they think I'm a snob...so far from the truth
  14. What recurring dream do you have? What do you think is the message your subconscious is sending you through that dream? I can't think of any recurring but I have a lot of dreams with my hubby in them so I feel very certain that means I'm happily married, I even dream of him
  15. What would you try now if you were sure you wouldn’t fail? I would open a book shop/coffee sandwich bar/produce stand/pumpkin patch/corn maze/natural herb shop and go sky diving
  16. What was that thing you never tried because you were afraid of failure? dangerous adrenaline sports where failure=death
  17. What was your greatest disappointment in life? getting my college degree and realizing my major has not interest to me...now i have a huge student loan :/
  18. As a kid, what did you dream of becoming when you grew up? i was random as a kid too, a vet, a lawyer, a beautician, a teacher
  19. What are you really good at? Learning new things & willing to try things that others wont
  20. What can you do better? Study my bible more & pray more
  21. What worries you the most when you think about your future?  my husbands job security in this unsure economy
  22. What really sucks in your life? Who has the power to change it? not being thrifty enough. me & my lousy self control
  23. What is your life really about? What is your purpose in life? my family. raising happy kids who know about Jesus & have the peace that comes with know Him
  24. What fear could wake you in the middle of the night? something happening to my kids
  25. What joy could wake you in the middle of the night? i don't know what i dreamed about but i have woke up laughing before. that is wonderful way to start the day
  26. What are you grateful for? I have a wonderful life. A faithful husband who works hard & enjoys spoiling me. I have smart, healthy, fun to be around, well behaved kids. We have enough to eat every day. We have a comfortable home. I have amazing family.
  27. What time of the day do you feel the most energetic? And what do you usually do in those moments? mid day. or usually, if i can get going the energy comes, if i don't suck it up and get going the energy doesn't come. I like to make special meals, create useful things (sew modest & comfy clothing & make beautiful things for the house)
  28. If you knew you had only one week to live, how and with whom would you spend it? In my last week I would take my kids to their favorite places & make as many happy memories with them as I could. I would make the families favorite meals every day. Have a photographer follow us around & have that photographer make a memory book for my boys so they could always remember that last week with a smile. I'd take out a very large life insurance policy (if possible) that would set my husband and kids up for a comfortable life. Every where we went I'd hold hands with my husband. I'd make sure that I told them how much I loved them, & give them lots of hugs & as many sugars as they'd tollerate. *oh, I'm getting emotional just at the thought*
  29. Why do you think your most favorite film touches you so deeply? my favorite films are happy, emotional, a little humorous, dramas (fried green tomatos, steel magnolias, hope floats, the notebook...etc etc) the "real life" emotions they portray, often remind me of me or my family
  30. If you could be a fictional character from a movie or a novel, who would you want to be? Why? hmmm, I can't think of anyone particular at this time....but I know it would be historical, early America, maybe Pocahontas 
  31. What are you really bad at? Music, anything musical. I'm tone deaf and that's probably all you had to hear to know I am bad in anything musical. I also failed middle school band....
  32. Who would you like to forgive and forget? I'm pretty good at forgiveness, as I always hope that those that I am offended will forgive me. Sometimes I find myself dealing with old bitterness again & I just forgive again!! I pray about it & get peace about it again. Later it may come back, I'll forgive again
  33. Do you often hear your inner voice? What does it usually tell you? Sure, I talk to myself ALL the time. My inner voice is pretty positive but sometimes it's a workaholic :) 
  34. When was the last time you cried without anyone seeing you? And why? While writing the answer to question 28. I always want to be here for my family while they have to struggle here on Earth. 
  35. What do you want people you meet for the first time to think about you? I want them to think I'm friendly
  36. What’s your most striking physical attribute? Do you like it? I guess my almost black hair...even though it's usually a nappy mess. I get more positive comments on that than anything else
  37. If you had the opportunity to go back in time and make a change, would you still want to have the same parents? I would LOVE to have my same parents & step-parents. They made me who I am and I may not be perfect but I'm pretty happy with me :) 
  38. If you could go back in time and change things, how would you alter the last ten years? I wouldn't worry about getting my college degree, or I would take class by class as we could afford for me to pay as I go. I hate having my massive student loan :( 
  39. If you could get rid of one of your responsibilities today, what would that be? ohhh tough one! Maybe making our lunches at 5am....or dishes (but I could have the boys do that & I don't)....it's a tough pick!! 
  40. What is the biggest lie you tell yourself? well I don't know, I probably think I'm better looking than I actually am LOL 
  41. What do you think is missing in your life? my homestead & more animals
  42. What do you think is the biggest injustice that was ever done to you? that would be me in my younger years letting myself go completely wild after I grew up in church & knew so much better. I had a lot of demons I guess I just didn't want to deal with. I'd been much better off dealing with the demons
  43. What type of person angers you the most? Selfish people, stuck up people, people who think they are better than anyone else....it's just annoying
  44. Who never fails to make you feel good about yourself? my momma. No matter how rotten I've been she can always find a good way to "spin" what I do. She thinks I'm perfect <3
  45. If you could start all over again, what would you want to study? I still don't know!! Probably something that would help out small farmers with their land & animals
  46. Which type of intelligence do you wish you had: kinetic, visual, interpersonal, linguistic or mathematical? Seriously, I don't know what all that means. I'm guessing linguistic is language & I'd LOVE to know Spanish, French, German, or any foreign language but I'm too lazy to study & work towards this goal on a regular basis
  47. What is your biggest pet peeve? Rudeness, it wouldn't kill folks to say Hi & acknowledge folks in a general way. Saying thank you, appreciating what others do for you. I hate when I see my friends or family get taken advantage of by rude selfish people
  48. What was the one opportunity you always believed you’ve missed out on? One opportunity I'm not sad I missed out on would be having a career. I never dreamed I'd be a homemaker or enjoy it but I do LOVE it. 
  49. What do you like about yourself the most? I can laugh at myself and if I'm wrong I'll apologize
  50. What do you regret the most? running away when I was in the 9th grade :( 
  51. What is the most hurtful thing you’ve ever witnessed? Why did it affect you? On tv- an old man got hit by a car & all the people that saw, no one went to help him. That broke my heart. I don't guess it affected me but it was the worst thing I've ever seen. 
  52. What would you like most to be acknowledged for in your life? I would like people to say, "people wanted the same happiness & peace that came from her faith", something like that. I'm not very eloquent with words. 
  53. What is the first thought that usually crosses your mind the second you open your eyes in the morning?  Is the coffee ready?? *I set it on delay brew the night before*
  54. What is that thing about yourself you’re sick and tired of? Being sick & dad-gum-tired!! I'm so sick of my allergies but I just can't take a ton of pills all the time, I'm not comfortable with that
  55. Who really depends on you? Why? My kids. Because their kids & they're supposed to be able to depend on their Momma for so many things, food, support, love...
  56. What was the main factor that played a role in your biggest mistake? me not forgiving people that hurt me. keeping emotions bottled up & not sharing my pain. You gotta get that yucky stuff out!! Keeping it bottled up turns you nasty from the inside out.
  57. What was the main factor that played a role in your biggest success? God, he has provided for me & my family all the time!! I have two healthy boys, I am in love with my husband & he loves me too. My family is my biggest success. 
  58. What childhood memory sizzles your heart? Running Track. Something about running was very healing for me. 
  59. What was the most frustrating period in your creative life? I'm not creative, so in that aspect, it's all been frustrating LOL I'd love to be creative but what I can do is follow directions VERY well to re-create ;) 
  60. What is your future self calling for? Creating a homestead, a comfortable home, and teaching my boys old fashioned skills (I'll have to teach myself those also) 
  61. Do you love yourself? Very Much
  62. If you were your own coach, how would you guide yourself? I'd say, don't rush, be patient, PRAY!! Read your bible girl!! I'd point out who I could trust & who I should avoid. I'd encourage Yoga & jogging, healthy eating & organizing more productive days. And I'd end each effort with encouraging words :) 

Do you think it’s easy to answer such questions about yourself? 

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