As far as the house goes, we've completed a successful inspection & WDI inspection. YAY! Apparently I hired a pervert inspector (ergh!) but hopefully life & this closing will go forward despite his attempts at wooing all female he has come in contact with since I hired him to inspect this house. The nerve of some pervs. Anyway.
I have gathered every single piece of paperwork asked of us, copied, mailed and faxed as needed. I feel like I may have signed away our lives, our freedom, our children and I'm not sure what else filling out all this paperwork. It's intimidating for sure!
Moving forward!

Danny's mom broke her ankle and has to have surgery. Right in the middle of her own move! They moved in to their house and that night the a/c went out. It's fixed, but boy talk about stress on top of stress and now this. Tonight we're going to help them move a few more things and I hope to help her arrange some stuff, if she'll allow the help. She's very independent and used to doing things her way, alone. So we'll see.

And, I got the little yorki adopted out to my mom. Oh, she is loving the little doll! Having the puppy here reminded me just how  much responsibility pups are. It's like having babies, or toddlers and the constant care they require. Exhausting!! But rewarding :) But glad the yorki has a home with my mom, they're gonna love each other so much!!
And now I've just heard I may be taking in another unwanted :( So sad. This is a deaf puppy. I'm not sure I can handle that kind of challenge with so much going on. I know I will do whatever I have to do though, as I heard if the dog doesn't get "rescued" it's getting the bullet. I just can't handle that. This is a cur, I believe. My mom is already having a fit, NO MORE DOGS. I have 3. It's not the number of dogs we have, so much as the limitations having many dogs places on you. Everything we do must be dog friendly if it will take more than several hours at a whack in a day. So, no big vacations, not too many camping trips because it's a hassle, no overnighters with family, except mom, she's cool with herds of dogs. But even she is threatening to draw the line with one more addition. Yea right mom, I don't sweat your idle threats <3
I'm wondering, when did I turn into the dog rescuer?? Is this how it happens, someone finds out you're a sap and brings you every lost cause they can find???

School and baseball are wrapping up and I am SO ready!! Well, Taylor will still be continuing with his lessons since I was never able to do any placement for his homeschool curriculum we bought after yanking him out of public school here. The boys have plans to spend a week or so at my moms house the beginning of June. Danny is really looking forward to "a break", I think what he meant was alone time, because let's be real, he doesn't make the meals, get the kids up & ready for school, make lunches, tote kids to and fro, etc etc. Yep, he meant alone time. And I, I will enjoy being selfish and only having to worry about myself & what I need or want, and by mid day one I will be lonely & bored and ready for my little men to be home again. Well, truth be told, I'll miss the heck out of them but I think I am prepared for some selfish time, and if they're with momma they're in very capable, loving, spoiling hands. I still feel guilty at knowing I'm looking forward to time alone...I guess I'll manage, somehow ;)

Of late, I've had a couple of people tell me they wish they were more like me, because I don't take no crap, or things along the lines of basically I'm not super nice or patient. And all this time I thought I was a super nice push over. I've felt guilty about that and then I talked to a good friend (my cousins wife) and she says "we are nice, but no, we don't take crap from folks but we don't dish it out either so we shouldn't have to take it." I felt like a big breath just wooshed out of me. She's right. It's ok to put people in their place when they are rude to you and try to take advantage of you.

I'm still working at the rock yard. I guess, as far as jobs go, that's a pretty cool job. I don't "have" to work, and that's always a nice thing to know. But I'm working for Danny's aunt at her business. I've learned to work a fork lift and a whole stinkin lot about rocks! HA! Really, being around the people has been good for me and really brought my personality back to life. I guess it had begun to lay dormant since I was so rarely around people other than my kids & husband, I only knew how to react in the home life. I mean, I was around people, but just didn't have to deal with, or socialize with a lot of various individuals. It's been nice. And I guess this has been part of the experience of me finding out I'm no push over also ;)
Working here has been where I went from trying to do it all for people (including hand loading thousands of pounds of rocks) to realizing sometimes folks need to do things for themselves, or at least help out dad-gum-it. On the up side, I'm definitely a lot stronger than when I started a few months back. I also get a kick out of the looks on peoples faces when they come in to find myself & another female working the stone yard, driving the fork lift, loading pallets & loose materials into truck beds or trailers and handling large, upwards of 100lbs rocks by hand or scooping up boulders with the forks. A lot of people are shocked, I dunno, it's just cool to me to show off what two ol' gals can do :) Pin It

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