1. We're at Trent's after baseball season dinner and Danny & I are sitting at the "kids" table chit chatting with the players. I tell ya, you can learn a lot about your kid this way ;) and we find out our little man is a little pimp juice!! Apparently, he has "millions" of girl friends that follow him everywhere. I dunno, when Trent's buddy told us my eyes about bugged out, "say huh!?" oh no! That's it, chili bowl hair cut & I will no longer remind Trent to maintain good hygiene. Lawdie! What I will do with this child I have no idea!
2. Laying in bed, complaining because I waited to long to eat and then over ate a late dinner. UGH! I hear, what I swear is someone "chiggle, chiggle, chiggle" giggling the door knob. Oh man, we're fixing to have to deal with an intruder!!!!! First Danny is hollering "boys!" that gets on my nerves..anyway..and then he gets up to investigate, he's so brave!! He pulls the po-po slide around the wall & quick light switch flip to quickly assess the situation in the living room and he finds the suspect!! It's a 5" tall, 7lb female, up past her bed time and in the beef jerky foil pack, ripping it open and helping herself to a late night treat. Phwew, we survived the scary home invasion of 0'12. It was intense for awhile there. "Get-chore butt back in bed Lilly!" Pin It

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