CARDINALS #1 (Trent's Minor League Team)

One last game against a neighboring small town team. This game was just for fun but our boys 10 run ruled them, even while switching up positions and letting the boys try new spots. Trent has played mostly outfield this year and has pitched some. This game he pitched a few innings & played short stop & outfield.
Trent was picked for the 9yr old all star team and I told him he was going to have to step up his game now, start being more aggressive when batting especially. He didn't get a hit this game but by golly he struck out swinging hard!! I was very happy, it's a step in the right direction & I told Trent, only good things will happen now that you've got that bat in action :)
Congratulations to all the boys who played so hard, so competitively, and earned their first place victory!

Location:Silsbee, TX

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