THE BUSTED NOSE OF aut-eleventy-twelve baseball season

He's one tough baller!! He was shocked seeing the blood pooling in his hands and running through his fingers. I was a wreck, having no clue how to help. I didn't even think to tell my poor baby, let that dang blood hit the ground, stop trying to catch it. Fortunately, the coaches wife is a nurse. It's not broken & he's gonna be just fine. But this is, thus far, the worst injury we've had to deal with and boy it was scary! I need first aid classes!!
Trents ball season has ended in first place. I'm so disgusted with his coaches I can't even celebrate. I'm glad he gets the satisfaction of being part of a winning team but I'm more glad his team is just done.
Taylor's (in the picture) team beat their rivals tonight and are now soundly in first place. They still have a few more games but they will finish first. I have been enjoying watching his games, the coach & families have been a joy the past few months. I will miss this group.
Tomorrow we'll get Taylor back outside & work out his glove, try to make sure he doesn't settle into fear of the ball. Get him "back in the saddle"
Not that I'd have been disappointed if he'd freaked & cried, no I'd have understood, but I was so impressed & proud with how tough & how well he handled this incident. I know it has to hurt like the dickens!

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